MY STORY: Inner Child Hypnotherapy

Is your past holding you back?  I didn’t even realise mine was.

I knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential, for an unknown reason.  Until I had a life changing ‘Inner Child Hypnotherapy’ session.

IS YOUR PAST HOLDING YOU BACK?? Inner child hypnotherapy – My story.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can be a profoundly effective way of dealing with issues from our past that are affecting us in our present.

I personally was keen to have ‘Inner Child Hypnotherapy’ some time ago.  I didn’t know what was going to happen, the experience was emotional; however, it was the most LIBERATING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!

We all have tough experiences in life, c’est la vie after all.  Although sometimes, for some of us.  Those difficulties can have a lasting effect.  

I had this profound desire to access my inner child.  So knowing how amazingly effective yet relaxing Hypnotherapy was I went ahead and had a session to connect to my inner child.  Little Ashley.

I saw her, I talked to her, I laughed I shed a tear, we comforted one another and the powerful message she gave me was NOT WHAT I EXPECTED.


What an amazing little girl, with opportunity, with hope, with difficult circumstances, but that was ok, because I’d gone through that for her.

She said; 

‘Let me live’

I’m unsure I can follow this with words to justify how powerful this was for me.  How apparent it became that I, adult me; was holding HER BACK.  And that was the day my life changed.

The day I stopped blaming my painful past for how I think and feel.  I knew something had been holding me back, I didn’t consider it to be a particular thing, event or issue, but when it came down to it, IT WAS ME HOLDING MYSELF BACK FROM SUCCESS!!


With Hypnotherapy I was able to access that part of me in a relaxed, calm state and make a decision to change and thus changed my life forever.

 If I don’t live life to my full potential, I am holding her back, letting her down.  I had no guidance, no encouragement, no support as a young girl.  Now I’m a mother, an adult, a Mumpreneur.  Obviously now I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am successfully guiding people to change their lives for the better.  I know I am a better person for this one hour of therapy I had, and that makes me a better Mother too.

If I can make the shift then anybody can do it. I am piecing together my dream, getting closer every day. Are you?


Shit happens.  So are you going to walk with that dog shit on your shoe for the rest of your life?  I dragged it around for too long.

If you feel your past his holding you back from the life you want, then my Clinical Hypnotherapy can be a real liberating experience.  Perhaps you can’t pin point exactly what is holding you back alone.  Together we can.  

It is my mission in life to help guide and support others to be who they want to be.  To know you can reach your full potential.  It took me a long time to change how I thought and felt about life.  I would never go back to who I was before.

Be the best version of you. 

Peace & Love.  Hypno Mama x

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9 thoughts on “MY STORY: Inner Child Hypnotherapy

  1. Love this! I’ve never done clinical hypnotherapy, but I am doing hybobirthingfor my current pregnancy and it’s really helping ease my fears and get over past birthing trauma.

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