Your faith in me


One of my first Hypnotherapy Clients was a wonderful lady who was becoming really overwhelmed by her fear of spiders. 

She couldn’t sleep if there was one in the house, she couldn’t relax, she wouldn’t even eat if there was one in the kitchen; it meant going hungry.

We eradicated her fear and anxiety over spiders in one session and after the session she was willingly looking for spiders in the house!  I observed her removing them calmly from the house, without harming them.  It was a proud moment for both of us.

I knew I could do it, I knew she could do it, but did she?

” Nothing is impossible, the word itself says:


Audrey Hepburn

This is the predominant reason I love my job so much.  Not only do I get to help people, but the job satisfaction when you see or hear of a clients success and positive change is fabulous.  In knowing that together we liberated her from decades of fear and anxiety comes a fabulous sense of contentment and accomplishment.  

Which lead me to thinking about FAITH.

As we all know it’s so important for us to have faith in ourselves, and this is something I regularly work on with my clients.  It is not short of wonderful when another person has great faith in you.  When this client returned to me for a session to deal with something completely unrelated to her past arachnophobia; I acknowledged her faith in me.  And what a wonderful feeling it was.

I’m not sure if I thought about this significantly more than anyone else would.  Perhaps this feeling was alien to me in my youth.  Never the less, acknowledging that another person has such great faith in you to help them make positive changes in their life is simply wonderful.  I have tremendous gratitude; to my clients, and my loved ones whom have faith in me and I value how important it is for me as a person and especially as a parent to instill faith in ones self to my little people here.

We all have so much to offer, don’t let life pass you by without sharing your wonderfulness with the world.

Needless to say we had a fabulous session today working on an unrelated issue and I’m confident, faithful and sure; my lovely client is ‘over’ this one now too.

( UPDATE: This lovely client got the desired results from the second treatment too & is very happy 🙂 )

Reach for Jupiter, and you can dance in the stars!

Peace & love, Hypno Mama x

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