How can I allow anything to stop me now? 

When the odds have been heavily against me, I have knocked them into insignificance..When I’ve had low days, weeks, months, years, and wondered where the fuck I am.. I’ve risen over it to a higher consciousness..

When I’ve been pushed, pulled & poisoned, I have maintained, albeit unconsciously my inner strength. And grown more..

Before I consider anything stopping me doing what I need to do, being who I am here to be and creating what I have to create.. I owe it to the younger me to look back at the toxic shit I’ve suffocated through to breathe the air of today’s presence. 

#NoStoppingMe #IWillContinueToGrow 💜✌🏼

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Hypnotherapist, Mama & Woman in the world. 🌎 💜✌🏼

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