Missing motherhood..

Now both of my kids are at school full time, and I’m at uni full time I am missing them so much!  Our time together in the evenings flies so quickly.

We rush in ( I put my pjs on INSTANTLY👌🏼),

My favourite pyjamas are these Chelsey Peers ones I got for Christmas they are so soft, cute and comfy. 

 I cook; we eat, we bathe and chill a little 

(Current Tv series we all love is Annedroids; on Amazon) 

hopefully having a story or two before we sleep.  

Some evenings we have more time than others and it all feels so rushed for the most part.  After a great deal of overwhelm, good old mum guilt and wondering if I can actually do this… I have recently resided to the fact that my son is not going to be reading his school book every day.  He is just too tired some nights, I don’t want to make reading a chore; and that I won’t be wearing a full face of glam make up most of the time, it’s not that important, and I am quite alright with how I look without contour and winged eyeliner.


The summer is approaching.. I will have completed Semester 2 at uni, I can put time once again into creating more content on my YouTube channel & my blog.  And when the kids finish school.  We have so much fun ahead of us.  

I look forward to the weekend all week, but this weekend we have birthday parties etc and it’s all go!  Extra cuddles, crafting and cooking: RESULT.  But it’s always gone in a flash isn’t it(?)

Note to self: relax and enjoy the time, just be.

I feel so much better now I’m not stressing about the kids falling behind with reading (they aren’t & recent parents evening reports were very reassuring) and because I’m not stressed about it; neither are they.  And we can reserve our reading time for when we have just that, TIME.  

When reading can be enjoyed, no rushing, no pressure.  Just how it should be; a literary pleasure.  And the bedtime stories just got really fun again! 

So now I have my priorities straight; I’d better be hitting the books..

Bring on the summer! 🙌🏻

Peace & Love,

Hypno Mama 💜✌🏼

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