Two under two.

Now my son is almost 5 and my daughter is 6 and a half.  They are so independent now that as annoying as trivial needy moments can be, I find myself secretly relishing in them.

“Mummy lie in bed with me”

“No babe your a big kid now get to sleep night night I love you.”


“ok then! ” *Gets in bed for snuggles.

My babies are little people, and every day is a reminder!

But there was a time when it felt like I had been pregnant and breastfeeding for two years.  When I had two, under two.

My daughter was 19 months to the day when my son made his entrance into the world.  The labours and births were worlds apart but that’s another blog post.

People said to me “how are you going to do it?”  “Are you ready?”, “Will you manage?” 

My response: “Millions of other women have done it before me so I can do it too”

And when the time came I was so overwhelmed. I exclusively breastfed my son I didn’t have any family or friends close by and I got made redundant whilst I was on maternity leave.  There were a lot of challenges during that time and I developed post natal anxiety.


And having had therapy and mastering Hypnotherapy for myself and others.  If I could go back in time I would be so much more chilled out and mentally well.

Never the less we had some great times; Breastfeeding was my saviour.

Breastfeeding made me sit down, enabled me to relax to feed my son and have a proper conversation with my toddler daughter.  Instead of multitasking, rushing and panicking about all the things I now know I really shouldn’t have.

I lost so much weight I was smaller than I’d ever been and I didn’t know what I was experiencing had a name; anxiety.  

I look at my big little kids and feel like their ‘littlehood’ is slipping through my fingers.  I am reminded with every curious question they ask how they are growing up and getting more and more independent each day. 

I miss the daytime naps, cuddles and breastfeeding.  All the time together! Literally! I dread the day they leave home! But that day, thankfully is nowhere near yet. 🙏🏼

 And so to my babes; I am so proud of the little people you are becoming.  I miss you when you are at school and when I am studying and working but it’s all for you.  And I am so blessed to be your Mama and I thank you for bringing me so much joy thus far.  As you grow, it fills me with joy and pride.  When I wake up in the morning with you both by my side having crawled in in the early hours, I smile, silently and savour the moment.  And I will continue to do so.  You are full of our love, always. 

P.S SALUTE! To all the Mamas! Parents and especially if twins and twos under twos and threes under 5s etc!

Peace & Love Hypno Mama 💜✌🏼

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