Monday Mantra

🌿 MONDAY MANTRA:”All I Need Is Within Me Now.”

🌿 Repeat this mantra each morning, seven times. Each time accentuating one word. Starting with “ALL” the first time and accentuating “NOW” the seventh time.


  1. ALL I need is within me now.”
  2. “All I need is within me now.”
  3. “All I NEED is within me now.”
  4. “All I need IS within me now.”
  5. “All I need is WITHIN me now.”
  6. “All I need is within ME now.”
  7. “All I need is within me NOW.”

🌿 Stand in a power pose (Wonder Woman stance) and say it loud and proud. 


🌿 Repeat this Mantra each day; ideally morning and afternoon/night.  You will feel empowered, energised and if you keep it up you will notice changes in your thoughts, feelings, actions & life around you.

🌿 Please comment below and let me know the changes you notice from this quick and powerful daily practise. 

🌿Peace & Love,  Hypno Mama💜✌🏼

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