What is holding you back?

🌿 Have you thought about what is holding you back? If you have been feeling stuck it’s time to really question your limits & decide what you are really going to do about it! 💪🏻
You’ve got this. 👌🏻

🌿 It’s all very well being told to ‘focus on the good’ and ‘no negative vibes’.  But to achieve growth, overcome hurdles and achieve great things it’s important for us to really assess our limits.  In order to decide that you will no longer allow them to hold you back.

🌿 What is holding you back from achieving your desired outcome?

🌿 What has stopped you in the past?

🌿 What have been your obstacles?

🌿 What could stop you now?

🌿 What are you going to do to ensure these things don’t stop you achieving your desired outcome now?

🌿 When exactly are you going to do this?

See my YouTube video on this here.

🌿 I’d love to know in the comments below what thoughts and action this post may have helped you create. 

🌿 I personally found I was letting other people’s opinions hold me back far too much.  After all it doesn’t make any difference what anyone thinks of me & their opinions certainly don’t pay my bills or nurture my family.  

🌿 So what would I do if I didn’t care about people’s opinions?  

🌿 That’s where the magic happens. 💜✌🏼

Are you really making yourself accountable?

What happens if you don’t do what you know you need to do?

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