MaxFactor lip set review

🌿 I was so excited to receive this glam lip set from Max Factor to review and create a look! 💄

🌿 So here is my #MaxFactorMakeUp look and review, if you’d like to see the video on my YouTube channel just click here. 💋 (Product wearing in pictures: Honey Lacquer Floral Ruby)
arch?q=Colour+elixir+lipstick&l=grid”>Colour Elixir Lipstick (Chilli 853)

Honey Lacquer (Floral Ruby)

🌿 I applied the lip liner first, you can’t see much when it goes on just ever so slightly white.  It feels dry and slightly sticky when on.  I assume to hold the product on to it.  It did a good job.  I was cooking over a steamy job over an hour later and the product was still firmly in place!

🌿 I hope the pencil sharpens well, not tried yet but I will definitely use this product again to hold my lipstick on properly.

🌿 Then I applied the lipstick.  I really love the ‘X’ imprinted on the stick.  It looks super glam!  The lipstick applied easily and well.  It didn’t bleed and felt lovely and smooth.  Unfortunately it just wasn’t my shade.  I’d really love to try one of the other shades.  It felt great and looked ok but my personal preference just isn’t the shade they sent me which was ‘Chilli’.  You can see my application and how it looked here.💄
🌿 I”> 🌿 The packaging on this is sexy.  It really looks glam.  I can see Marilyn Monroe using it and having it look pretty on the dresser too.  The colour is BRIGHT RED.  Again, not my personal best shade, but I went for it.  It was nice but tricky to apply.  There is quite a lot of product on the applicator so it may be better to use a lip liner to outline and/or then apply with a smaller lip brush.  Or maybe I’m just crap at application! Haha!

💄 I much preferred the look of the Honey Lip Lacquer, it was lighter, brighter and more me. 🎥 You can watch me apply all of my make up in this look here. 🌿 Overall I would definitely recommend these products and I would LOVE to try the other shades in the range.

🌿 Thank you so much to Max Factor, the set is fab and I really enjoyed creating this bold lip look. 💋

🌿 Thank you most importantly to you for joining me here.  If you would like to see more make up looks and reviews then please let me know with a ‘like’👍🏻 or comment.  💬

Feel Fabulous!

Love Hypno Mama x

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