Am I a crystal convert? 💎

🌿 I really wasn’t sure about all this crystal stuff before. But I L O V E this Rose quartz pendant. It may just be coincidence that I’m noticing a positive change when I have it on or close by me but it really doesn’t matter. If I feel Fabulous, who cares why?? 💗🥂

🌿 Perhaps I’m a crystal convert, perhaps it helps me feel fabulous. Perhaps I feel Fabulous for other reasons, maybe because I am? 🤔

🌿 It’s pretty and I am LOVING wearing it. It doesn’t matter what people think of what makes you feel good. All that matters is that it does. And as long as you aren’t hurting anyone, I don’t see why you should give a ****.

🌟MAKE TIME to do the things that make you feel good. A manicure, a tan, a massage, your favourite tv show or book under fresh fancy linen or silly pyjamas. Doing the things that make us Feel Fabulous, help us think fabulously, live fabulously and help others feel fabulous around us.

I know I want my children, my clients and my loved ones to feel Fabulous about themselves. The best way I can do that, is lead by example.

🌿 So tonight when the kids are in bed and my work is done, (for the most part) a mani pedi and some tan. The most important people in your life deserve the most fabulous version of you. Do it for you, do it for them, do it because YOLO. 💗🥂


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