Whatever, I’m Still FABULOUS!

🌱 I just watched back some footage rom a recent trip to St.Tropez.. I couldn’t help but notice my VPL as I had my costume under my dress, my big arms and my thinning hair at the crown of my oblivious head.

🌿 I wondered how I could edit it most complimentary for our vlog. Then I thought f*** it. I am who I am. My kids will remember me how I am not how I edit and filter my life away. My family love me for who I am, bingo wings, fine hair, VPL & all.

🌿 So when you spot these things about me, don’t think I don’t notice. In fact please do notice. Because this is real life. And the message to our kids shouldn’t be to ‘fit in’ to have fat transfers, sucking it from your arms and waist to pump into your ass, to hide #hypothyroid hair with a wig, colour or weave (all of which I have done in the past and only damaged my hair more).

🌿 I want my children to look back at photos and videos of me and think, that’s my amazing Mummy, isn’t she f******* Fabulous?!! #FeelFabulous #selflovebringsbeauty #mummyblogger #HypnoMama #Hypnotherapist #CoachConfidence #SelfLove

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