About Ashley 🌍

Hi I am Ashley, The  Hypno Mama.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mama..

I am incredibly passionate about Hypnotherapy, Personal Growth & Parenting 🙂

Hypnotherapy has changed my life so positively, dramatically excitingly, that I just want to share it with the world!  I want YOU to know, you can use Hypnosis to make positive changes in your life! For a better tomorrow, TODAY!

You can listen to FREE audio Hypnotherapy sessions here: Hypno Mama on YouTube

I have studied Psychology at A Level and Degree Level and have gone on to study and qualify an accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming.  I have many years experience working with patients young and old with a variety of mental health issues, mental illnesses, emotional and physical difficulties.


I am (perhaps a little more so) passionate about my most important role in life. Parenting.

I have been blessed with two children, the HypnoKids!  A wonderful daughter (7) & a delightful son (5). They are awesome and I put my all into being the best Mama I could possibly be.

Of course we face the challenges of parenthood and we try to have as much fun as possible along the way.

My website is here to share with you not only my support, my guidance, my work, but my story, and my world to help you make positive changes in your life; perhaps using Hypnosis, or maybe some few handy lifestyle or parenting related tips I will share here. and on my social media platforms.

I hope you find something useful or entertaining here.  Feel Fabulous about Yourself & Your Life

Kindest regards, Ashley ~ Hypno Mama 💜




  1. Hi, im single, 23 and i dont have yet kids but i have irregular menstration right now for almost more than a week im bleeding, i went for a OB and she gave me provera and althea (trust) its that fine for me and no side effect in the future for having a kids? thanks 🙂


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