My arthritis journey..

This has taken some serious balls to post to tell you the truth.. 😣 And I’m only posting with the love and support of my Growth Club Girls! 💗👭🏽🌻 and because my son took these pictures and then showed me that he added these “LOVE YOURSELF” graphics to the photo. 👇🏽👇🏽 It hit me hard. 😭

🌻 I shared in the Growth Club group chat 💬 and although it terrified me to post this, if my son was saying this, I had to.😢 I think I’ve been scared of people writing me off as “disabled”. I don’t want people to think “Oh shes disabled now what a shame.” I don’t want my prospective clients to decide not to hire me.. To decide not to invite me to things because I might not be able to keep up on my feet.. and the rest. I want people to think of me the same way they did before.. Hopefully an intelligent and powerful woman who loves her kids and is passionate about helping people. And can do it!!
🌻 I’ve had such a love hate relationship with this wheelchair!!! 🦽 I’d love to be super positive about it, but I haven’t posted about it because that hasn’t been my reality. And if you know me, you know I can only be ME. When my mobility became severely restricted in December I was desperate for a wheelchair so that I could at least get out of the house and breathe fresh air. Being stuck to the bed or the sofa or the hospital bad really brought me down. My family and especially my best friend were beyond amazing. I got so incredibly desperate for a wheelchair!! And then when we finally got one we could go outside!! 😍😍😍
We had a few giggles 🤭 and it was so nice to be outdoors, seeing different things, feeling fresh air on my face and seeing the kids run around!! 🍃 But it was brutal. I held back the tears as I was restricted to the chair and found my attention was now on the curbs, or the bumps or getting out of the way of people and is the person pushing me getting tired? 🤔
But you know me, focus on the good!! But then the more people I have come across, the more I have been shocked at how I’ve been completely ignored. The more people avoid eye contact. People completely ignore you. And I mean.. You say “excuse me is there a shop down this way?” And more than one just completely blank you as if you are FUCKING INVISIBLE!!! 😢 Not everyone is like this. Some people just avoid eye contact, and some people smile and say hello. 🙂 Which then becomes heart warming but rare.
🌻 Being in a seated position like this also isn’t good for me, I sit on a bouncy ball to work and my sofas all recline thank goodness. I am still on a journey with my health, my mobility. If you catch me on a good day you might not even be able to tell I’m in pain or I’m struggling. But then that one good day can cost me a week of mobility.
🌻 I know there is loads of positive empowering content for wheelchair users, and I’d love to be the one sharing that. But all I can do at this point is tell my truth at this stage. And my truth is, although I am seriously thankful I have this chair. I’m doing my everything I possibly can to not need it every day. I’m not sharing this for sympathy! I’m sharing this so that maybe when you see someone in a wheelchair you don’t write them off completely. I was never brought up that way I have some lovely friends who are wheelchair users and fortunately the people in my life are shocked at the treatment. But we do have a big problem here in the UK for inclusivity and representation.
🌻 I will try my best to share #myarthritisjourney and so far I’ve come on such a long way!! And I hope this post is met with understanding and not being negative, but bravely my being honest.
I will be sharing posts like these and on #bodypositivity on my curve modelling page with hashtag #curvesandcrutches

When you realise

When you realise how f******* brave you are.

When you acknowledge how wonderful your friends are and that they love how wonderful you are. 🌸

When you set a standard of living for you and your children that only accepts peace, love, respect and joy. We bloom together.🌸

When you let go of negativity from external sources to blossom your positivity from within. 🌸

When you accept those stretch marks, are record of growth, new life, nurturing, change, evidence of vibrations of life.🌸

Those wobbly bits are beautiful womanhood. Those lines on your face are the millions of smiles and laughs you have shared with loved ones. Making memories, building legacy. 🌸 WHEN SELF LOVE BRINGS BEAUTY. 🌸 #selflovebringsbeautygang


Representation Matters

THIS GIRL’S MAMA IS HAPPY TODAY! 😁 After the school run I went to @sainsburys for some essentials, yes I was brave enough to do the food shop with two tired kids👏🏽💪🏽 & spotted this @mamalifemagazine 😍

As a Mama, who works empowering Mamas, & a writer, based in Staffordshire, something tells me this caught my attention for a reason.✨

At first I thought it was @traceeellisross on the cover. (Lawdy I love that woman!♥️) So I picked it up and not only am I excited to get my kids to bed & work done so I can dive into this. But to have women of colour on the front and back of this magazine means a great deal to me as a Mama! ♥️

I have high hopes for this mag & I am grateful my babies saw this today. #representationmatters Thank you @mamalifemagazine & @sainsburys ♥️ I am looking forward to reading this. ☺️☕️🗞

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You can be happy.

Maybe you need to break up with your boyfriend..

Maybe you need to eat healthier..

Maybe you need to redecorate your home..

Maybe you need to start being creative again, sing, dance, write, draw & paint for fucks sake!

Maybe, just maybe with making some small but COMMITTING to changes..


It’s not easy to break shit habits of a life time, but it’s possible & it’s way better than staying in the same dark empty ness only looking forward to the regret ahead of you.

We only get this one shot.

& I can be here to hold your hand 👭

#HypnoBabes #youcanbehappy

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You don’t want to think about what you don’t want..

If you think:

😕‘I don’t want to feel like sh** anymore’

😕‘I don’t want to have anxiety anymore’

😕‘I don’t want to be afraid anymore’

😕‘I don’t want to be skint anymore’

😕‘I don’t want to be insecure anymore’..

YOU aren’t going to make the changes you want in your life!!

Every time you think and say this stuff👆🏼👆🏼

❌ You are causing more harm to yourself! ❌

You reinforce these ideas to your subconscious mind. The most powerful part of YOU!!



🤔How do I want to think? 🤔How do I want to feel? 🤔How do I want to be? 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

THIS is the beginning, the beginning of changing your life.

👭How me and my clients, ESCAPED mental illness, OVERCOME challenges, BEAT insecurity, LEAVE negativity & BUILD CALM, CLARITY & CONFIDENCE. A new wellbeing.

And a whole new life.. 💃🏼💃🏽💃🏿💃🏻💃🏾

See this girl? 👇🏼👇🏼 She hasnt has a panic attack or felt suicidal in YEARS, and that is F******* EPIC 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

#FeelFabulous , Y O L O 💜✌🏼


🌿 Look who’s in the office with Mama again? My baby boy is better than he was, quite chatty today but he’s still under the weather. So he needs to be with me.

🌿 I’m feeling so grateful that I can be there whenever they need me. That I can take care of my family, my home and my business without getting overwhelmed, stressed or upset.

🌿I have so much going on now, I genuinely do amaze myself that I do it all and don’t get a fraction as stressed as I did before I found hypnotherapy. I was battling anxiety day in and day out. Wondering how I could cope with another day.

🌿 I used to struggle with day to day life, now I’m living each day and THRIVING. I handle it all and I even get described as “laid back” LAID BACK! ME! The woman who almost drowned in the bath because I had an anxiety attack so bad I couldn’t feel my limbs!

🌿So please believe me when I say you can overcome it, you can build ✨calm, ✨confidence & ✨clarity in your life & live to ✨THRIVE.✨


Source is like a ball of fire, the ball of fire. I came from it, yet when I touch it I wince at the singe of my fingertip.

I suffer when I leave it.

Source is the ball of fire. In which when I submerge myself, I will burn, I will shine and I will be the light no longer suppressed within me.

Opportunity is everywhere.

Receiving Criticism..

Something happened today..

As some of you may know I write creative pieces such as short stories, poetry etc. And today I was a part of a workshop in which four of my own poems were to be critiqued.. 😬😬😬😬

I’d had fleeting thoughts about it last week but soon forgot about it. Last night I thought about how I would handle the criticism and negative comments about my writing, my art, my work. And this morning I wasn’t nervous, but I was a bit apprehensive. As I know my weakness; I don’t deal with criticism too well. Who does?!

Anyway during the workshop it was weird. Nobody really criticised it. Any of it. There were a couple of suggestions from established writers, good suggestions that I appreciate. And then there was silence.

Why weren’t they saying anything? Were they scared of upsetting me? Did they hate it so much they didn’t know what to say? Was it terrible? I soon told the silly little voice in my head to “**** off” and I asked the group why they were quiet, I even asked one particular individual for his opinion. Brave compared to the old me. The me who held herself back so much.

It was after the workshop that it occurred to me, how far I had come as a person. To be comfortable, relaxed and confident in a position of being individually criticised was nothing short of a nightmare to me just a few years ago.

Not so long ago I wouldn’t do anything to be criticised, after being made redundant and become a ‘sahm’ I stayed in, I didn’t socialise, I was miserable, anxious and lonely! I had gone to an open day with my son in his pushchair and fled the scene as fast as I could as I had an awful panic attack. I wasn’t ready. I was yet to find Hypnotherapy, yet to discover my power, my strength and my true self. Yet to start LIVING.

Now I put myself out there and today I was in the dragon’s den.. the irony was – it went so well, I couldn’t have actually wished for it to go better. I’ve released so much unnecessary tension and negativity from my life that it seems to be impossible for it to come back.

I wanted to share this with you to let you know you can do the same, and also to give myself the acknowledgement I deserve. We all deserve. So here is my virtual pat on the back! For releasing the negativity, cutting the toxic people and empowering ourselves to be and feel fabulous, in our own unique ways! 💗🥂

Whatever, I’m Still FABULOUS!

🌱 I just watched back some footage rom a recent trip to St.Tropez.. I couldn’t help but notice my VPL as I had my costume under my dress, my big arms and my thinning hair at the crown of my oblivious head.

🌿 I wondered how I could edit it most complimentary for our vlog. Then I thought f*** it. I am who I am. My kids will remember me how I am not how I edit and filter my life away. My family love me for who I am, bingo wings, fine hair, VPL & all.

🌿 So when you spot these things about me, don’t think I don’t notice. In fact please do notice. Because this is real life. And the message to our kids shouldn’t be to ‘fit in’ to have fat transfers, sucking it from your arms and waist to pump into your ass, to hide #hypothyroid hair with a wig, colour or weave (all of which I have done in the past and only damaged my hair more).

🌿 I want my children to look back at photos and videos of me and think, that’s my amazing Mummy, isn’t she f******* Fabulous?!! #FeelFabulous #selflovebringsbeauty #mummyblogger #HypnoMama #Hypnotherapist #CoachConfidence #SelfLove


🌿 I absolutely ADORE this fabulous highlight trio from Essence @essence_cosmetics 💗💗💗💗Honestly this is my absolute FAVOURITE MAKE UP PRODUCT SINCE THE BEGINNING OF SUMMER! 😍

🌿 The shimmer can be as subtle or as vibrant a glow as you like, it’s so buildable and pretty.

🌿 I often have a reaction from shimmer pressed powder products but thankfully this has been blissful on my skin! 💪🏻 You can use as highlight, eyeshadow, bronzer. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

🌿 There is also a very handy guide on the back of the palette which guides you which shade to use where on your face. 👌🏻

🌿 Honestly if you want a good highlight palette, if you aren’t confident with using highlighter, if you often want something subtle not too intense then I suggest giving this a go. The link to shop this product is here 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

🛍 Shop the Essence Highlight Trio here 🛍 🌿 Feel Fabulous, because you are. 💗

Am I a crystal convert? 💎

🌿 I really wasn’t sure about all this crystal stuff before. But I L O V E this Rose quartz pendant. It may just be coincidence that I’m noticing a positive change when I have it on or close by me but it really doesn’t matter. If I feel Fabulous, who cares why?? 💗🥂

🌿 Perhaps I’m a crystal convert, perhaps it helps me feel fabulous. Perhaps I feel Fabulous for other reasons, maybe because I am? 🤔

🌿 It’s pretty and I am LOVING wearing it. It doesn’t matter what people think of what makes you feel good. All that matters is that it does. And as long as you aren’t hurting anyone, I don’t see why you should give a ****.

🌟MAKE TIME to do the things that make you feel good. A manicure, a tan, a massage, your favourite tv show or book under fresh fancy linen or silly pyjamas. Doing the things that make us Feel Fabulous, help us think fabulously, live fabulously and help others feel fabulous around us.

I know I want my children, my clients and my loved ones to feel Fabulous about themselves. The best way I can do that, is lead by example.

🌿 So tonight when the kids are in bed and my work is done, (for the most part) a mani pedi and some tan. The most important people in your life deserve the most fabulous version of you. Do it for you, do it for them, do it because YOLO. 💗🥂


Model Launcher Bronzer (Beauty Review) 💄

🌿 I have a new favourite bronzer.  And this is it.    I’d not used any Model Launcher products until I tried this.  The bronzer blends beautifully and is fabulous for contouring.

🌿 Although in this picture the product looks quite light I do think it will compliment a number of skin tones.

The product is buildable.  I’ve used it when I’ve had a tan and without and I was pleasantly surprised at how adaptable it was to the different skin tones.  I used an angled fluffy brush.

Something else I liked was that it isn’t too shimmery or too matte it’s a great balance for a glory look but without too much shimmer it’s just subtle enough. 👌🏻

There only seems to be one shade available on the website here.👇🏼👇🏼

Shop: Model Launcher Safari Bronzer

🌿 I’d love to know if you’ve tried any Model Launcher products and how they are.  Please let me know in the comments. 👇🏼

🌿 Feel Fabulous because you are, and there is onlyone you. x 💗

One of those days.

🌿 So this was my day today.. a series of messy mistakes. I forgot the kids had non uniform day, I missed my morning lecture as my daughter needed to see the doctor. I smashed the coffee jar, stalled the car, was late for the afternoon lecture and sweated the whole afternoon. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY.. I handled it.<<<<<<
Years ago this happened every day, I dropped things I broke things, I messed up, I snapped & I cried. Every. Day.

I had become consumed by anxiety & self criticism. A dropped glass meant I was a shit home maker, shouting at the kids made me a terrible mum, & being late for nursery meant all the other mums were slagging me off.

ALL FALSE. And NOW I know it!!

🌿 Today I laughed about it, I took a moment to take a picture, I breathed through it. I brought the kids back got them changed and carried on. 🌿 This may not be much to you my appreciated reader, but to me this is achievement. This is me reflecting on how calm I am. Something I couldn’t have imagined saying about myself.

🌿 Isn’t retrospect fabulous? If someone had told me back then that I’d be able to have a 12 hour series of unfortunate events and not drop a tear, swearword or clench a fist. I wouldn’t have believed them. But this is TRUE. And so..





I did it. Well done me. Bring on tomorrow 💗


🌿 Creating 🌸Creating a legacy my children will be proud of, creating content to help girls and women, not only feel better, but FEEL F** FABULOUS about themselves & their life!! We only get THIS ONE!!

🌿There are people, organisations, and networks present today, evident today & working today for the good of others that I could only have dreamed of when I was younger. 👭

🌿Thank goodness my daughter won’t feel as lost as I did. Won’t feel as scrutinised as I did. Feel as excluded as I did.🙌🏻

🌿 I know, she will have her days, we all do, that’s normal. But THANK GOODNESS for the people sharing LOVE & GOOD FEELINGS! Instead of reasons to feel insecure in order to profit from your insecurities. 👌🏻

🌿🙏🏼Please surround yourself and expose yourself to positive influences. I am always working on being one of those 💗

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A dip. (Hypothyroidism)

🌿 Sharing this from @hypothyroidmom I’m having what I call ‘a dip’.

🌿It’s just that, things become much more difficult, some impossible. But it’s just that. A dip. I will come back up and carry on, doing all the things I once; for a short while accepted that I wouldn’t be able to do.

🌿 Fuck that shit. I’m living my dreams and working towards new ones. But I do have to slow things right down/ pause from time to time in order to be able to continue as I wish. I will leave a legacy my children & grandchildren will be proud of. My illness may be invisible. But my existence will be evident.

#hashiwarrior #hypothyroidism #hashimotosdisease #hypothyroidmom #hypothyroidism #thyroidwarrior #autoimmunedisease #surviveandthrive #hypnomama #dip #keepgoing #buildinganempire 

🌿 Exploring, a new season

🌿 As much as I detest the cold. The pain in my hip, the discomfort of shivering, & the inevitable deadly cold sores. 😩😷

🌿 I do love being seriously wrapped up and being on a speedy walk in the crisp air with my pooch 🐶 while my bairns ride their bikes 🚴🏾🚴🏾‍♀️.

🌿 Thank goodness we live in a beautiful place with plenty of nature to explore. The change of the seasons is impossible to ignore when the environment becomes a different place as the colours, growth and life changes around us.

🌿 Spotting the cute helmeted acorns on the little Oak tree was exciting, once one little soldier was spotted, they appeared all over the wise Oak.

🌿 A tree that when bare my son loves to climb. It’s a funny thing old change.

🌿 Sometimes we hate it, sometimes we are desperate for it & other times we don’t allow it. When it’s ultimately unavoidable.

🌿 Often the new emerging paths can seem frightening & they are often the ones we will be better for taking.

🌿 So as the new chilly season creeps in, I don’t welcome it but I’m ready for it. I have my boots and woollies ready, I know there’s going to be a shit load of work involved for me over the winter, exhausted just thinking about it. But it’s worth it in the end. 👌🏻 The cold graft is complimented by the joy of cosy memory making too. Blankets, candles & brews.

🌿 No I didn’t say the C WORD. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to it. It makes all the pain & exhaustion worthwhile. So I’m raising a tea cup, to never feeling 100% ready but going for it anyway, cos we have to. ☕️

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Waking up in Champagne 🥂


Waking up in Champagne, 🥂 another beautiful place. Feeling increadibly BLESSED & READY.

This trip has been so wonderful. I have fallen in love with France. I’ve had chance to relax, enjoy & to recalibrate. It’s going to be all go on all stations as soon as I arrive home. So much going on, but all things I want and we need & for my desired outcomes.

I have so much going on from the moment I step back on home soil, it’s ALL GO GO GO GO!  And so much content from this trip to share with you here on the blog and my YouTube channel! 👩🏻‍💻

It’s hectic, challenging & hard work. But always worth it. 💜. PS shout out to my car Vivi Volvo 🙏🏼 she has served us so well since we got her and through this trip through France, will be sad when we come to sell her but a bigger Hypnomobile is going to be needed soon. 👌🏻

Favourite Value Cleanser

🌿 After a busy day in Monte Carlo last night I used the last bit of this great cleanser. This is my favourite budget cleanser, it’s oil free, gently exfoliates and has been Fabulous for clearing up my skin with daily use. 

🌿 I would normally categorise my skin as combination or normal/oily. This has been very gentle and definitely effective at clearing blemishes and pleasant to use. 👌🏻 

– Clean & Clear Oil Free Exfoliating Daily Wash from Johnson & Johnson.

#johnsonandjohnson #skincare #beauty #blogger #mummybloggeruk #whatsinmymakeupbag #favourites #femalebloggersrt #mummylife #mumsnetparents 

MaxFactor lip set review

🌿 I was so excited to receive this glam lip set from Max Factor to review and create a look! 💄

🌿 So here is my #MaxFactorMakeUp look and review, if you’d like to see the video on my YouTube channel just click here. 💋 (Product wearing in pictures: Honey Lacquer Floral Ruby)
arch?q=Colour+elixir+lipstick&l=grid”>Colour Elixir Lipstick (Chilli 853)

Honey Lacquer (Floral Ruby)

🌿 I applied the lip liner first, you can’t see much when it goes on just ever so slightly white.  It feels dry and slightly sticky when on.  I assume to hold the product on to it.  It did a good job.  I was cooking over a steamy job over an hour later and the product was still firmly in place!

🌿 I hope the pencil sharpens well, not tried yet but I will definitely use this product again to hold my lipstick on properly.

🌿 Then I applied the lipstick.  I really love the ‘X’ imprinted on the stick.  It looks super glam!  The lipstick applied easily and well.  It didn’t bleed and felt lovely and smooth.  Unfortunately it just wasn’t my shade.  I’d really love to try one of the other shades.  It felt great and looked ok but my personal preference just isn’t the shade they sent me which was ‘Chilli’.  You can see my application and how it looked here.💄
🌿 I”> 🌿 The packaging on this is sexy.  It really looks glam.  I can see Marilyn Monroe using it and having it look pretty on the dresser too.  The colour is BRIGHT RED.  Again, not my personal best shade, but I went for it.  It was nice but tricky to apply.  There is quite a lot of product on the applicator so it may be better to use a lip liner to outline and/or then apply with a smaller lip brush.  Or maybe I’m just crap at application! Haha!

💄 I much preferred the look of the Honey Lip Lacquer, it was lighter, brighter and more me. 🎥 You can watch me apply all of my make up in this look here. 🌿 Overall I would definitely recommend these products and I would LOVE to try the other shades in the range.

🌿 Thank you so much to Max Factor, the set is fab and I really enjoyed creating this bold lip look. 💋

🌿 Thank you most importantly to you for joining me here.  If you would like to see more make up looks and reviews then please let me know with a ‘like’👍🏻 or comment.  💬

Feel Fabulous!

Love Hypno Mama x

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What is holding you back?

🌿 Have you thought about what is holding you back? If you have been feeling stuck it’s time to really question your limits & decide what you are really going to do about it! 💪🏻
You’ve got this. 👌🏻

🌿 It’s all very well being told to ‘focus on the good’ and ‘no negative vibes’.  But to achieve growth, overcome hurdles and achieve great things it’s important for us to really assess our limits.  In order to decide that you will no longer allow them to hold you back.

🌿 What is holding you back from achieving your desired outcome?

🌿 What has stopped you in the past?

🌿 What have been your obstacles?

🌿 What could stop you now?

🌿 What are you going to do to ensure these things don’t stop you achieving your desired outcome now?

🌿 When exactly are you going to do this?

See my YouTube video on this here.

🌿 I’d love to know in the comments below what thoughts and action this post may have helped you create. 

🌿 I personally found I was letting other people’s opinions hold me back far too much.  After all it doesn’t make any difference what anyone thinks of me & their opinions certainly don’t pay my bills or nurture my family.  

🌿 So what would I do if I didn’t care about people’s opinions?  

🌿 That’s where the magic happens. 💜✌🏼

Are you really making yourself accountable?

What happens if you don’t do what you know you need to do?

If you would like personal coaching support, guidance & accountability; we can work together!

Complete the contact form below: 

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