Source is like a ball of fire, the ball of fire. I came from it, yet when I touch it I wince at the singe of my fingertip. I suffer when I leave it. Source is the ball of fire. In which when I submerge myself, I will burn, I will shine and I willContinue reading “Source”

This woman..

🌿 See this: This is the face of a woman trying to multitask, fingers in many pies so to speak. Exams, assignments, training, assessments. Not to mention parenting and the ‘hundreds and thousands’ that come with that. The mum who has no make up on the school run, who might not look like she hasContinue reading “This woman..”

I had a Mr T doll..Yep.

🌿 In discussions of childhood often the subject of barbie dolls comes up. And I probably did have one at some point but the doll I remember playing with the most was this guy. Yep. Mr. T. 💪🏿 🌿 Oh lawdy how I wish I had a photograph of me as a little kid withContinue reading “I had a Mr T doll..Yep.”

Two under two.

Now my son is almost 5 and my daughter is 6 and a half.  They are so independent now that as annoying as trivial needy moments can be, I find myself secretly relishing in them. “Mummy lie in bed with me” “No babe your a big kid now get to sleep night night I loveContinue reading “Two under two.”

My ‘GO TO’ (Dairy Free) Ice Cream 🍦

🌿 This Swedish Glacé ice cream is Dairy Free, and made with soy.  ✅ 🌿 Since my kids have dairy intolerance  I’ve been so pleased to find that my local ASDA store stocks this ice cream in Chocolate & Vanilla! 😋 🌿 We sometimes have the vanilla one with dairy free chocolate sauce 😍👌🏼👌🏼 SoContinue reading “My ‘GO TO’ (Dairy Free) Ice Cream 🍦”

Mama’s Me Moments..

MAMA’S ME MOMENTS ; Are you making time for YOU?? I’ve completely lost count of how many times a member of family or friend has firmly said to me “and don’t forget to look after YOURSELF” I’m sure some of you have heard this too. I’m pretty sure I always responded with what I thoughtContinue reading “Mama’s Me Moments..”

How can I allow anything to stop me now? 

When the odds have been heavily against me, I have knocked them into insignificance..When I’ve had low days, weeks, months, years, and wondered where the fuck I am.. I’ve risen over it to a higher consciousness.. When I’ve been pushed, pulled & poisoned, I have maintained, albeit unconsciously my inner strength. And grown more.. BeforeContinue reading “How can I allow anything to stop me now? “

Hugs on the toilet..The reality of #momlife

One of the things that nobody tells you, and if they did tell me, I wasn’t listening or didnt care! My son picked up a nasty chest infection again recently and he has been really unwell and super clingy. 👍🏻Love the cuddles, 👎🏻 hate him being poorly, 👎🏻 hate not getting s*** done.  He hasn’tContinue reading “Hugs on the toilet..The reality of #momlife”

Get out of your head! 💭

A huge part of OVERCOMING ANXIETY & CHANGING YOUR MINDSET & YOUR LIFE is to Focus your attention OUTWARDS, What brings joy to you & how can/do you bring joy to others?This practise will get you OUT OF YOUR HEAD.👌🏼👌🏼 & Remember 🌟PRACTISE MAKES PERMANENT🌟 so if you struggle at first, it’s ok to pretend,Continue reading “Get out of your head! 💭”

MY STORY: Inner Child Hypnotherapy

Is your past holding you back?  I didn’t even realise mine was. I knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential, for an unknown reason.  Until I had a life changing ‘Inner Child Hypnotherapy’ session. IS YOUR PAST HOLDING YOU BACK?? Inner child hypnotherapy – My story. Clinical Hypnotherapy can be a profoundly effective way of dealingContinue reading “MY STORY: Inner Child Hypnotherapy”

Your faith in me

One of my first Hypnotherapy Clients was a wonderful lady who was becoming really overwhelmed by her fear of spiders.  She couldn’t sleep if there was one in the house, she couldn’t relax, she wouldn’t even eat if there was one in the kitchen; it meant going hungry. We eradicated her fear and anxiety over spiders in one session and after the sessionContinue reading “Your faith in me”