In Hypno Mama’s Personal Development Club we support each other on our missions while we grow in our own light. No competition, just community.

Completely online, for you, at your convenience. Coaching, therapy, relaxation, fun & support.

I’ve thrived in business with the gift of sisterhood. I know having a squad cheering you on makes a big impact on your feeling & outcome on your entrepeneurial journey. Welcome to HypnoMama’s PDC.

Completing a wide range of personal development courses, to help you thrive, no matter what your goal is.

I am here to guide you as your Coach, Consultant and Therapist in your journey of personal growth and professional development.

Each module involves NLP Coaching, videos, live streaming, Hypnotherapy & guided Meditations, individual workbooks & cute af extras in the post for each course/module!

See below our first 3 and upcoming modules.

(UK & Ireland only, Limited spaces available, soz huns.)

Are you tired of feeling like crap about your “flaws”?

Do you give your love, time & effort to others and keep yourself at the bottom of the list?

Would you like to love yourself more? To build new SelfLove mindset, rituals & standards?

To be guided into a wonderful relaxation each night and program your subconscious mind with SelfLove, Self-worth & positivity.

I am inviting you to join us on a diet like you have never done before, and this one we measure your self esteem, not your waistline!

Learning to assess HOW you LOVE what you love.

HOW you are thinking, feeling & treating yourself.

MAKING CHANGE to your concept of SELF LOVE, adopting an attitude, value and habits of love for yourself.

Let’s get you filling your cup first & feeling great about it.

24th – 27th February

To make transformations in your thoughts, feelings & actions, we really need to make an in depth assessment of your current state.

How you are living now is made up from your experiences and we use this course to go deep, into how your current state has been nurtured decide HOW you want to live.


Are you exhausted of living with unecessary stress?

Anxiety? Panic attacks?

I know how debilitating living with anxiety is.

I have been helping people across the UK & around the world heal anxiety and I have created this recovery program to help you heal, recover and move forward.


You can join the club as an Exclusive member, getting access to ALL COURSES, group support, extra coaching, guided meditations & goodie bags!

For the first founding members membership only £15.55 per month

(this price will be reviewed after the 3 months)

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