Welcome to the loveliest diet you’ve ever done!

I have been a therapist & coach in the private sector since 2015. I found myself specialising in helping and guiding women to overcome their challenges with mental health, emotional stability and overall wellbeing. There is no one size fits all with my work, we are all different and so are our experiences & paths. However one thing that is true for all of my clients and all of their breakthroughs; It all begins with mindset.

I soon found that the most wonderful, beautiful, game changing part of my client’s transformations, healings & breakthroughs was SELF LOVE.

These women were coming to me with the trauma of their past buried so deep inside them they either couldn’t see it was there and how it was holding them back , or they couldn’t imagine life without the heaviness, the struggle, the sadness of it. So we get straight to it and do the healing.

Breaking through the barriers, bringing you back to who you really are, and loving YOU.

In 2020 I was approached by fashion giant BOOHOO to create and deliver some Self Love workshops across the company to their teams for Valentines Day. I put together my foundations for Self Love into a workbook, took some goodie bags along and guided the wonderful teams through The Self Love Diet. THEY LOVED IT!

Over the past two days, we welcomed The Hypno Mama Ashley O’Brien into Boohoo to hold Self-love workshops and prescribe that #SelfLoveDiet , because who better to love you.. than yourself(?)
Not only did our colleagues take away some cute goodies and a Self Love Hypnotherapy mp3, they also got a chance to create personal affirmations and mantras and got kitted out with all the skills on how to build a long lasting self-love.”

Boohoo Group PLC


The Self Love Diet has run as an online course every February since 2020. Each year I add to it, so it gets better & better!

This year we will have online workshops, a live Hypnotherapy session, guided meditation and your own personal Self Love workbook & Hypnotherapy mp3 to keep & use forever and more!

This year’s sessions will run online from 13th-17th February. Each evening there will be a new live session at 8:30pm & everything will be available to download/replay so please don’t worry if you can’t make it to each live session.

Everything you need will be sent to you via email & you will be welcomed into the SLD Facebook group.

If you haven’t ever been to one of my workshops or worked with me before then feel free to contact me with any questions. We workshop through lots of really important foundations of healthy mindset .

I will teach you HOW to make your mindset work for you. HOW to change for the better. How to transition to a Self Love Mindset.

Exploring the concepts in my workshops also reflects into your relationships and love in your life in general.

So if you are ready for Self Love, keep scrolling & join the Self Love Diet. We are going to have so much fun!

CONGRATULATIONS & WELL DONE on a very important Self Love act. By investing in the SLD you have these materials for life, you commit to a Self Love life and you make life better for you & others. Together we are making the world a better place.

The more of us that learn Self Love and adopt a Self Love way of thinking, feeling & living.. the more we encourage others to do so. Guilt free, shame free, completely liberated to love YOU. Demonstrating to our children and the important people in our lives too, that they should, deserve to and are entitled to Self Love.

Imagine if everyone we knew lived with Self Love, their lives would be better right? Relationships would be healthier? Well it starts with us. Let’s do this!!

The Self Love Diet online program is only £33.33 this year. Please complete the contact form below to sign up you will be sent further instructions via email, I am really looking forward to working with you.

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