What is Hypnotherapy? 💭

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a form of Psychotherapy that utilises Hypnosis (an altered state of awareness) to achieve the desired outcome for the client or patient.

Once the desired outcomes of the client have been established during a consultational, therapeutic methods that would be suited to the client may be introduced to the therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioural approaches, or NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  I normally spend around 40 minutes or so, talking with my clients before we introduce any hypnosis.

The client when ready will be guided into a wonderfully relaxed state of hypnosis (much like meditation).  The client will always be in control and aware of their surroundings.  Whilst in this hypnotic state, the Unconscious mind is receptive to positive suggestions, thus the therapist then will make suggestions utilising and observing your state for optimum effectiveness.
Clients are not required to talk during this time, you can sit comfortably, relax and let me do the work!


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My clients generally awaken from this state feeling refreshed, energised and as if they have had a good sleep.

Our Subconscious mind is the major driving force for our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, controlling 97% of what we think, feel and do.  So it makes perfect sense to align this powerful part of us with our Conscious desires.  These issues to be changed or eradicated range from anything such as nail biting, anxiety to weight loss.

The NHS now refer Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome for Hypnotherapy.  Some other issues such as Tinnitus and Snoring are also treated successfully with Hypnotherapy, so not all treatments are for what may be categorised and ‘thinking related issues’.

There are many famous icons who have used Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy to achieve their goals, such as Albert Einstein, whom used hypnosis to formulate his theories!

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