I am delighted that wellbeing is now a serious part of the business agenda.  As 602,000 Workers suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety (new or longstanding) in 2018/19.  And 12.8 million Working days have been lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. (Labour Force Survey (LFS).  With so much absence being due to anxiety and stress I have been successfully working with organisations, their employees and business owners to change this.


I run workshops for employees to understand stress, anxiety and how to manage their own wellbeing.  By identifying negative thought processes and learning how to change them into effective, positive, calming, uplifting thoughts.  Which in turn have a positive impact on one’s feelings, behaviours and relationships.

Here’s an Overview of the Workplace Wellbeing Workshop
  • Help staff understand anxiety and how to manage stress and maintain wellbeing.
  • Demonstrate positive thinking and calming techniques to avoid stress and overwhelm.
  • Workbooks for participants which they can work through and take home to continue their self-help.
  • Participants come away with understanding of how to think, feel and be better, with clarity, understanding and feeling empowered.
  • Coming away with tools and techniques to help themselves.
  • Interactive empowerment exercises, which participants can use daily and can include team empowerment exercises for building morale in the workforce.
  • The workshops enable participants to identify where they may be going wrong and how to make positive changes in their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
  • In my experience I have found that as individuals make realisations and positive changes personally, it has a direct positive impact on their lives professionally.

The half day workshop has the best results for attendees when followed by a series of 1:1 sessions.  Where participants can ask and discuss their individual needs.  I can provide up to 8 sessions in the afternoon.

If additional 1:1s are needed these can be booked the following day, whilst the contents of the workshop are fresh in the minds of the attendees.


If you don’t already have a mental health and wellbeing designated person, this is something I can support your organisation with.


I can run regular workshops, pre-booked sessions for your team offering 1:1 support.


Here is some feedback from my workshops:

  • “Ashley was fantastic and the feedback we received on the group session was “it was great!” “it couldn’t have been better” “I liked all of it, it was so good!”  Thanks Ashley we hope to work together again soon.”
  • “Before doing this course I had a pretty much very negative mindset, Ashley has helped me to see that I’m good at what I do and I can do it regardless of what else is going on and I couldn’t of done this without Ashley.  If anyone gets the chance to work with Ashley, I 100% recommend her, she’s fab, she’s kind, she’s caring.”
  • “Our group session on Sunday really helped me!!! Thank you so much for your understanding and the individual time that you gave us all, you are amazing x I’m using my power poses and positive self-talk daily, both have really helped my confidence in myself. Thank you so much “
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the training, you was so welcoming, smiled all day and put everyone at ease, I have taken a lot away with me from the day and looking forward to listening to the hypnotherapy tape, which I will give further fed back on I have definitely changed already – for a better me thank you.”
  • “Loved Ashley’s session with me and the other ladies from Mums4Mums UK – implementing self-love and confidence! Was amazing. Wish we had more time! Look forward to our next workshop in the future.”
  • “It was a wonderful session with Ashley! I felt like all my issues were being addressed without me having to even say much.  I took away lots of tips that have already been REALLY helpful looking forward to experiencing her services again.”

Want to work with me?

To discuss booking your WORKPLACE WELLBEING WORKSHOP or any other services, please contact:


HYP DIP DNLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner & NLP Coach


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