Dear Alpro..

Dear @alpro I am so grateful for your products on the shop shelf.🙏🏼 Over the years I have been so happy relieved and grateful to see more stockist of your products. 👍🏻

They make my life so much easier since we don’t have dairy we don’t have to miss out on goodies like milk, yoghurt etc. Something my children & I are so happy for.

 And I just want to let you know that the carton Of almond milk I selected for our morning cereal had a defective ring pull, I tried a knife and then my teeth and as you can see it went everywhere. 

 Yes a face palm moment indeed. However, none of us are perfect and I want you to know that despite this incident, it’s still mad love between us.  There is no point crying over spilled milk after all.

Love Hypno Mama & the HypnoKids 💜✌🏼

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